The Bride and Groom

IMG: The Bride - SherrieAbout the Bride

Hi everyone, most of you will already know most things about me but for those who don't here is some inside info!

I'm 27 and originally from Yorkshire. Since moving down South in March 2003 I have been working for The University of Reading, where I have recently (Dec 06) Graduated on my HE Cert in Archaeology. I have also just started (Jan 07) a new position within the University as a Departmental Secretary for Chemistry, it is a demanding role but I am really enjoying it!

Update: I have just launched (Jan 2011) my new website selling handmade greeting cards, please check it out. :)

My interests range and change quite often, but the one thing that I've been passionate about since the age of eight, is gardening, where I will quite happily waste many an evening and weekend. I met Piers whilst on a girly holiday with my friend Andrea in Rhodes during September 2002. Although I was not looking for a relationship, I soon found him to be rather intriguing, and although I wanted to keep my air of mystery I found his charms harder to resist. When it came to the end of our Holidays he eventually got my correct phone number! And as I flew out from Rhodes on the 6 th October, I wondered if I would ever hear or see him ever again. The very next day I got a phone call from him! and as they say the rest is history!!


IMG: The Groom - PiersAbout the Groom

Hey there, most of you know my history but for those who don't, here is the kinda "condensed version". ;) I have now reached the next chapter/decade of my life, this was recently celebrated (Nov 06) when Sherrie took me away to Amsterdam for my 30 th Birthday. I was born in Bracknell where my family lived for 5 years before moving on to Reading for the next 13 years.

After my A-Levels I studied in Maidenhead for my BTEC National Diploma in graphic design, a 2 year course condensed into 1 very difficult and challenging year. After leaving some of the countries best art school teachers, I was accepted onto a BA (Hons) electronic graphic design degree at Southampton Institute with an unconditional offer. There I spent the next 3 years studying, drinking, partying and getting totally wrecked, all in the name of education. :) I actually learnt a great deal about myself, my chosen profession and how to have a lot of fun…Which brings me onto some of the best friends a man could ask for, without these guys I would not be the man I am today.

In my first year in halls I made friends with Nick, Liam, Kris and Chris where over the years we have all in some way lived together. It was the holiday to Rhodes in 2002 with Nick and Chris where I met Sherrie, if it were not for Chris's decision to pick that particular holiday package, Sherrie and I would have never met.

Since my Uni days I have worked for a couple of Advertising agencies as a web/multimedia designer developer before I went self employed for five years where I setup Within the first two years of business i had successfully gained two of my best long term clients DolphinTV and BSkyB (Sky Media) working together for several years now. Currently I am working for a production and communications organisation called Matinee Sound and Vision.