For Bridesmaids

Page updated: 16 August 2007

IMG: Flower Bouquet styleOk, it is now official we have three confirmed bridesmaids for Sherrie. A big thank you to all:

  • Bryony (Maid of Honour)
  • Catherine
  • Fern

Non formal guest attire

Due to the heat in Rhodes during early September we are not asking for anyone to come dressed in the whole 9 yards (unless you really want to). Please dress 'smart casual' and above all else be comfortable for the climate.

Sherrie, Bryony, Fern and Catherine have in several sittings been hunting around Berkshire and have found each of their respective bridesmaid's outfits.

The Brides colour scheme will consist of the following:

  • Red
  • Cream (previously Ivory)
  • White

We have ordered a selection of floral button holes for certain members of the wedding party.

Hen party (18th August)

Events have been booked. It looks like the snow boarding lessons are fully booked in the morning, so the Hen's are starting off with:

  • Lunch at Sweeney Todds
  • Ice Skating at Bracknell ice rink
  • Cocktails at Sante fe in the Oracle
  • Back to Sherrie's to get dressed up
  • Head down to Reading to a few pubs
  • Then on to the Jazz Cafe
  • Dinner, dance and then on to any Clubs