Our Story

IMG: Sherrie at Mambo's bar mouthing off Piers and I met at the end of the autumn of 2002. We were both on Holiday with friends in Rhodes . We met on the second/third day of our holidays in an open air bar called Mambo.

My first words to Piers were about British Politics, I was asking him difficult questions about his political position and his views on the war in Iraq (yes I know, of all the opening conversations to have!). Surprisingly not like all the other men I had talked to that evening, he managed to actually come back with an intelligent answer, which took me by complete surprise. As with most men, the very notion of talking politics when out drinking in Falaraki puts 99% of all men off, tucking their tails between there legs on their way to the bar for yet another drink.

The rest of the holiday we kept bumping into each other in the same bar, it was not a straight forward coincidence as it might seem, as there are over 600 bars in the area.....what are the odds?. Each time we met, I deliberately continued to throw difficult questions or situations his direction and he consistently handled each of my attempts to put him off. At that time in my life I really did not want to get involved in any realtionships, hence the minefield I laid in my trail. Despite my efforts, his persistence and ability to handle my attempts to get away he was a true gentleman and showed many intriguing qualities.

It soon came to the end of our holidays and before I knew it I was hooked, the same night we were both due to fly home, Piers to Heathrow and I was flying to Manchester. Admittedly both of us where hoping to catch each other in Rhodes Airport before our departure. The very next day after our return, Piers actually phoned me again to my surprise. From that point forward we spent many an hour (I mean many!!) on the phone and continually traveling up and down the country on the train visiting each other. Approximately three months later Piers asked me to move in with him, so in late March 2003 I made the big move from my home town of Bradford all the way down south to Reading.

IMG: Nick and Chris at Mambo's barAt this point Piers was living in Hawkesbury Drive in Calcot with his sister Bryony and one of his best mates Liam. Six months later Piers, Bryony and I moved to Lower Earley for six months before Bryony moved out to continue with her studies. We then moved to our first (rented) home together in Sheraton Drive for two years, a beautiful little bungalow where we have many great memories. This all changed when we had to move out to our current abode, as our previous landlord sold our front garden to developers and then wanted to sell the bungalow without us in it. It was unfortunate, but as they say "home is where the heart is" and so long as we are together we will do just fine. :)