For Groomsmen

Page updated: 14 August 2007


Please check this page often so I can update you with new plans and schedule any important events. Thank you to all involved in the fantastic stag-weekender.

IMG: Groomsmen Top hat

Non formal dress

Due to the time of year and expected temperature in Rhodes in September, I have no intention for any form of full dress code (i.e. not suited and booted). We would like everybody to look smart and be comfortable in the evening (7pm) heat. The Bride and Grooms colour scheme will consist of the following:

  • Red
  • Cream (previously Ivory)
  • White

We have ordered a selection of floral button holes for certain members of the wedding party.

Liam and I have discussed a couple of different attire options. At present I will be wearing smart white trousers, with a tailormade white long sleeve shirt. No tie or bow tie is currently in the dress plans, neither are anyjackets or waistcoats due to the heat. Groomsmen will most likely wear cream or beige trousers/shirts. If possible, please no one else wear an all white get-up like the Groom will be.

Sherrie has given the ok for me to wear smart looking (brand new) sandals :) The idea is 'smart casual' fitting into the colour scheme.

Bachelor Party (10-12th August)

Update: Wow what a stag party weekend that was, i would like to say a big thank you to all who made it on the Friday night party at Terry's, it was great to see you all. I would like to say an even bigger thank you to the 5 Bristol stags who made Saturday, certainly a night to remember, i had a brilliant time and look forward to the next do.

Last but certainly not least a gigantic thank you to the best man Liam for making it all happen!!

The Stag do photos/videos can be found in our online album right here.