Family and Friends

We thought we would post some pictures of our family members.

Mr & Mrs P. Briggs

Sherrie's parents, Paul and Pat Briggs. Who live in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Pat and Paul are very loving and caring parents, whom have done a fantastic job raising Sherrie. They are extremely happy for us both and have long since welcomed Piers into the family.



Mr T. Caswell

This is Piers's farther Terry, who lives only a few miles away in Reading. Terry's tough love approach to raising his son Piers has heavily contributed to making him the strong man he is today.




Mrs B. Caswell

This is Piers's mother Beverley who lives with her partner Mike in Milton Keynes. She has been very helpful and supportive during the busy planning period and is kindly helping to create the wedding favours.




Paul Briggs Jnr

This is Sherrie's older brother Paul, who also lives in West Yorkshire.





B Caswell

This is Piers's younger sister Bry, who lives in Milton Keynes with her partner Dave. Bry is currently working towards her PhD in 'Marine/Bio/ Geo/Palaeontology' some thing-or-other (PhD in a miscellaneous subject). :P

(Maid of Honour)



Fern Caswell

This is Piers's youngest sister who lives with Terry in Reading. Fern has countless numbers of affectionate nicknames that still probably haunt her to this day. She is training to move into a managerial position in the catering industry.



Liam Kerr

This is Liam, a long time friend of Piers's from the first year of university, who is also Piers's best man. Liam has recently got engaged to his partner Kay and live together in Andover.

(Best man)



Catherine Robinson

This is Sherrie’s friend Catherine (aka kitty kat). Catherine and her partner Mark are currently in the process of buying a house in Leicester. Good Luck Guys.