Wedding Events

PAGE UPDATED: 16 August 2007
Times are To Be Re-Confirmed
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IMG: Wedding events, locations montageHere we will list all of the wedding events, times and locations, as soon as we have everything confirmed. At present we have listed our intended evening plans.

Batchelor Party (10-12th Aug)

  • What a fantastic weekend in Reading and Bristol. Photos can be found here.

Hen Party (18-19th Aug)

  • Events have been booked. Sweeney Todds, Ice skating, Sante Fe, Jazz cafe

Pre-wedding and birthday party knee's up

  • We are now planning to meet up with many of the guests the night before the wedding for both a pre-wedding knee's up and to celebrate Paul Wilson's (Uncle to Piers) birthday. The plan is to meet up in a central location (Probably near Lindos) for 'several' drinks. Details to be confirmed.

Wedding Itinerary (UPDATED - Event timings TBC)

  • 15:30 St Pauls Chapel (Guests to arrive no later than this time)
  • 16:00 Wedding Ceremony begins
  • 16:15 Photographs, confetti etc
  • 16:30 Violinist escorts wedding party to Beach Platform bar - Champagne drinks courtesy of Lindos Weddings
  • 17:30 Wedding party boards the glass bottom boat (pink champagne cruise)
  • 17:45 Bride and groom release 100 balloons
  • 18:30 Arrive Jeannotts harbour to catch Taxis/Mini buses to the Reception location
  • 18:40 Arrvie at Kavos Taverna
  • 19:00 Greek band begins and reception dinner starts.
  • 20:00 Speeches begin and cutting of the wedding cake.
  • 22:00 Greek band finish and the music changes to a lively selction of 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's music commences.
  • **:** Party carries on into the wee hours of the morning
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