Accommodation ideas

We have put together for you some suggested accommodation in Lindos and Pepkos, should you choose to stay in either of these places. Above, we have added a simple links to jump down to your prefferred accomodation type. Our Wedding Planner Karen has kindly suggested many of these. We have included pictures where possible.

    IMG: Lindos view studios
  • Lindos View Studios

    Lindos View Is a Modern Self Catering apartments with swimming pool and good views. Located just above Lindos Village and situated on the main Lindos road. Lindos View studio's weblink

  • IMG: Lindos Horizon apartments
  • Lindos Horizon

    This is set back a few minutes from the Lindos View. These are again modern self catering apartments with pool area and great views. Occasional entertainment nights are provided. Lindos Horizon website

  • IMG: Rafael Studios, Lindos
  • Rafeal Studios

    These self catering apartments are about a 30 minute walk from Lindos Village . However there is a shuttle bus about a 10 minute walk away that provides a free bus to the village.

  • IMG: Lindos Gardens apartments
  • Lindos Gardens

    These self catering apartments are simple and clean, again with pool and are not too far from Lindos Village. Lindos Gardens

Most of these Self Catering apartments can be booked as package holidays with the tour operators, Kosmar and Thomas Cook.


For those of you who prefer to stay in Hotels the following have been suggested:

    IMG: Lindos Memories hotel
  • Lindos Memories Hotel

    Built in the traditional Italian way with arches and different levels, with stone and wood, Lindos Memories promises lots of smile, comfort, wonderful view, warm hospitality, very good food and exceptional service. Lindos Memories

  • IMG: Lindos Mare hotel
  • Lindos Mare

    Recent renovations to all areas of Lindos Mare Hotel, together with impeccable service and excellent cuisine, create an atmosphere of discrete luxury and tranquillity in which to enjoy the perfect holiday. Lindos Mare Hotel

  • IMG: Atrium Palace hotel, Lindos
  • Atrium Palace

    If you're looking for somewhere that has the wow factor, the Atrium Palace Thalsasso Spa Resort and Villas has it. Contemporary, classy and oh so chic this place will impress the socks off you. Architecturally innovative, it blends lavishness with classical Greek and Italian styles and its gorgeous tropical gardens only add to the exotic ambience here. Atrium Palace Hotel

  • IMG: Lindian Village, Lindos
  • Lindian Village  

    Located on the idyllic beach on the southeastern tip of the island of Rodos, the Lindian Village, is a deluxe resort dedicated to satisfy the needs of today's discerning higher-end travelers. Settled amindst a lush garden of tropical and indigenous flowers and trees, the resort is designed as a small village in classical Greek island style architecture. Lindian Village 

All of these are either 4 or 5 star. The first two are close to Lindos village the other two are about a fifteen minute drive away. Please note however they are quite pricey!

Tour operators

You may also find the following Tour Operators useful for booking holidays:-

Last minute

The following internet based companies may also be useful for last minute & bargain basic! (i.e. very basic one,  two & three star)

  • (a lot available in Pefkos)
  • (ah this little gem has provided us with many a bargain holiday! The later you leave it the cheaper it becomes)
Direct booking

Now for all of those who would rather avoid the Tour Operators and book their flights and accommodation directly you may find the following web links of interest:-