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24th September 2007

The honeymoon in Mauritius was probably the best holiday Sherrie and I have ever had!! We cannot begin to explain just how amazing it was, though we will try to give you brief synopsis of what we did in the photo/video album.

Now we are back in the country have begun to re-climatise back to working life, we will try to upload the photos and videos as soon as possible (Around the 10th Oct). Any one that we have yet to see or not had a chance to speak too, could you please send over your photographs via email or CD to us as soon as possible. We have estimated that we will have between 2000-4000 images to go through and we intend to organise a system where you can either download your favourite pictures to print or we will setup a mail order printing service for you to select your chosen prints.

We have also received the DVD of the wedding day and we intend to setup a similar service for anyone who wants to buy their own copy of the DVD.

We will try to ensure that all postage, prints and DVDs will be at the cheapest cost price. More information is due to follow shortly.

8th September 2007

Wow what a fantastic day!! The weather was perfect very sunny with the occasional cloud to cast some shade to break up the heat. So far from initial reports, we have heard that everybody had a brilliant time. Sherrie and I are very grateful to all of the wedding guests who could fly out all that way to little old Rhodes to be part of our special day. Thank you!

17th August 2007

IMPORTANT NOTE: Wedding time has changed from 19:00 to 16:00

For months now our wedding date and time has been confirmed as the 8th September 2007 at 19:00. Now we knew that the Chapel gives priority to Greek Nationals and there was a very slim chance that we could be bumped out of our slot.

Yesterday Sherrie received a call from Karen at Lindos Weddings notifying us that we have lost our time slot to a Greek Christening and we had a very limited choice of times still available. As we have to be in residence on Rhodes for 5 working days before we can be married, we could only just fit into one available slot on Friday the 7th or an afternoon slot on Sunday 9th. We had only two choices and some of our guests are flying in or out on those respective days, which created an issue and an issue with all the other events booked to meet our original time on the Saturday.

It was almost a disaster, with a bit of luck and Karen's sheer determination she managed to convince the local Mayor to move another chapel event a little bit later in the afternoon without any serious impact, to create a new slot especially for us.

So the good news is that, now we have an hour on the beach platform drinking champagne, courtesy of Karen and Laurence at Lindos Weddings, we have a longer boat cruise and more time at the reception. It may be a little hotter at 4pm but thanks to Karen it looks like everything will work out just fine.

Thank you Karen and Laurence

14th August 2007

Wow what a stag party weekend that was, i would like to say a big thank you to all who made it on the Friday night party at Terry's, it was great to see you all. I would like to say an even bigger thank you to the 5 Bristol stags who made Saturday, certainly a night to remember, i had a brilliant time and look forward to the next do.

Last but certainly not least a gigantic thank you to the best man Liam for making it all happen!!

The Stag do photos/videos can be found in our online album right here.

22 July 2007

Several webpages have been added and updated.

19 July 2007

Our Debenhams gift list weblink has been added to the Website.